20 Nov 2006


It been a long while since I last added a new entry to this blog, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I've been living a new life for the past 6 months and all the excitement and adventure of a new life has yet to get old on me. Secondly, I have other things that fill my life now that the original reason this blog was born, boredom, really isn't a big thing now.

The one thing has been on my mind lately is what would you consider a rite of passage? When is it or what is it that defines when a boy is no longer a boy but has become a man in his own right, no longer dependent on his parents, able to stand on his 2 feet.

I think for a lot of people, this moment comes when they get their first job and move out of home, but is this definition correct? Do we all become men and no longer boys when we leave home?

In my mind, this rite of passage happens not when you leave home but when you no longer depend on your parents to make decisions. When you are fully capable of making up your mind on your own. When you destiny is yours to choose.

What do you think?


transient said...

I would have thought a move to Down Under will hmm..be more "boring" than the city which is forever lighted.

Then again, I feel bored every other second, so, guess life's better on the other side of the fence!

IMHO, a boy becomes a man when he is willing to be responsible for his own actions and decisions. When he bravely faces his own destiny. When he goes all out to protect the things he loves and holds dear to the heart.

duckshoe said...

in my opinion - and I've given this much deep thought - IMHO is an inappropriate acronym. It looks too much like someone with poor grammar making the declaration that he/she has nookie for money, if you get my drift.

As for being a man. I always counted from when someone starts shaving. Maybe this gauge is up for review. Ooh, I have a new one. When all his toys need a power source.

Ah Chooooo! said...

When a boy become a man? I have no idea but one of my definition is when you have to be responsible for some young fella or gal who call you DAD.

Reponsible for your own decision? Anyone young or old have to be responsible for his/her own decision. The impact just come about sooner or later.

I think being a parent/guardian really make an adult out of you.

transient said...

Well, it's net chat lingo - IMHO. But, I shall refrain from using inappropriate language in future. Pardon me for my poor grammer.

Thanks for the correction.

What I meant by responsible for own decision is the time the boy realises the consequences and willingly steps up front to be responsible for it, that's when I feel he's a man. Not when he has to be responsible, as a result of coercion by parents, circumstances or the law.