8 Apr 2007

How to clean your car with Level 5 Water Restrictions

With level 5 water restrictions coming into effect in 2 days time and my car being very dirty, I discovered a way to clean it today without using any town water at all. Also I didn't need one of those waterless car washes either. In fact, this method is free and requires only some good timing and muscle power.

Things you need:
1. Dirty car. Preferably just normal road grime. Caked on mud might be too much for this method.
2. A downpour. Doesn't have to be heavy, just enough to make the entire car wet.
3. A rag. I prefer one of those high tech cloths but a normal rag will work as well.
4. Muscle power.

1. Drive dirty car or leave dirty car outside during a downpour.
2. Once sufficiently wet, drive dirty and wet car back into garage, carport, wherever the car is normally parked.
3. Take cloth and begin to wipe entire car. Here's where a high tech cloth comes in handy. The dirt sticks to it so when you wipe other parts of the car, you don't transfer dirt from one place to another.
4. Step back and admire you now clean car.

Easy. Have fun.

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