7 Sep 2005

A Quiet Seething Rage

Have you ever hated someone so much that the very sight of them makes your blood boil? That you need no reason to justify this hatred. You just know that you hate the person and you want this person to burn forever in the eternal fires of hell.

I know what that feels like. Mention this persons name to me and I seeth with rage inside. No loud voices, no rude words, just a cold quiet seething rage. A rage so bad, that if left unchecked could lead to terrible things.

Anyway, on a lighter note.....there is no lighter note. This is one damn angry rant.


greyscalefuzz said...

Oh hello mr A, guess where I bumbled into. WTF is a BOHMOX anyhow huh?

Great reading here. I can relate. hahaha....

Mr Y

Anonymous said...

Well, at the end of the day, you are the one who loses out. Who gets the white hair? Who gets the high blood pressure or headache?
Not the person you hate, but you yourself...

Let go of hatred. I would be extremely angry at those moments but I do not hate. To dbl L, no point. Not at your own expense. Relax, look back, be amused at her acts. That might make you happier.