4 Nov 2005

Nostalgia Rules The Day

Argh!!! This is the 2nd time I'm typing this post because the first got eaten by the back button. Let this be a lesson. Save. Save. Save.

Anyway, like I was saying before.....I've reached an age where I believe I'm allowed to be nostalgic (i.e. I'm old enough that I actually have more stuff to be nostalgic about than the available time over a weekend would allow.)

First of all, today I built myself an iPod dock out of Lego. This is like the first time I've built something not displayed on the Lego box in about 15 years. It's been a long time since I've tried to built something from scratch out of Lego. Admittedly, I no longer have as many pieces as I used to. I think I made a pretty decent job of it. It's still a work in progress, so I might add some stuff at a latter date....for now, it does it's job of saving me $60 and buying a real dock.

Also, Channel 5 decided to be nostalgic and broadcasted 2 movies today. Both were movies I enjoyed as a kid, one I'm not embarrassed to say I liked, the other I am a bit embarrassed to say I liked.

The first was Goonies. I have to admit, that from my point of view, this movie has aged well. Seeing after so many years (I first watched it when I was 10), I found I was still able to sit and watch the entire movie. Few movies nowadays grab my attention for more than 20 minutes.

The second was Power Rangers the Movie. This one hasn't aged so well. In fact, I actually cringed a little when I was watching this today. I guess I had less refined taste as a kid. The soundtrack is pretty good though.

While both movies had pretty corny dialogue, the Power Rangers had to be at least 10 times cornier than Goonies. It funny to think that an adult actually thought that "Go go Power Rangers" was an acceptable line to put in a script. Oh well!

Anyhow, nostalgia is good and all but I think it's time to return to the present.

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