31 Dec 2005

10 Things I Didn't Know Last Year

Inspired by a recent article from the BBC entitled 100 Things You Didn't Know A Year Ago, here's my take on it as a way of saying goodbye to 2005.

10. Even in a clean and wholesome country like Temasek, corruption exist. No one uses the word but it is there. For the best example, please refer to exhibit A: TT Durai and his coterie of accomplices.

9. Men have a devastating effect on women. I've seen friends go from nice good people to depressed moody people all because of a guy. Don't think I need to give examples here as there are plenty all around.

8. Women have a devastating effect on men. I've seen friends (men this time) go all soft and gooey and teary all because a girl dumped him. You know who you are.

7. Flowers and paying special attention to someone do not score you the girl unless she already likes you. Actually I already knew this but I haven't put it to test for a few years until this year.

6. If your parent's try to set you up with someone and you are really obnoxious about it, be careful, retribution will come and the guy will have a damn good laugh with his parent's about it.

5. People who work in the Information System of a certain hospital grouping in Temasek are the dumbest lifeforms on the planet. Words fail to describe the level of idiocy observed in this group.

4. The Land Down Under has the world's most ridiculous approach to battling the war on drugs. If they are not careful, it's going to be druggie world down there sometime soon, if it isn't already.

3. All the so call popular Singapore bloggers, as in those that keep blowing their own horn, are among the most boring bloggers in the world. Which then makes the next day.sg blog aggregator site the ultimate most boring website in the world. Get over yourselves.

2. Certain women have the ability to shave most of the hairs of their legs except for one patch about 4 cm square which they then insist on displaying to whoever walks past. Eeeeew!!!

1. When you are in A Cesspool of Nicompoops, it doesn't really matter what you do because good work is never appreciated. Sucking up apparently goes a long way though. Sheesh!!!

Happy New Year 2006. Here's to discovering more stuff next year.

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