23 Dec 2005

Once Upon a Time in Temasek

A long long time ago, in a country not so far away, there lived 2 men. They were good friends in university. After university, they both got married and slowly drifted apart. About 30 years, through a chance encounter, they met up and realise that one had a son and the other a daughter of about the same age who were yet to married. Both families thought it would be a good idea for their children to meet.

As both their children lived in Temasek, they needed to wait till both their children return to this country not so far away to arrange a meeting. A time was arranged, when the moon began afresh for the year and the man with the son took his son to visit the man with the daughter.

The strangest thing happen. While the man's son was more than willing to just meet the other man's daughter, this man's daughter refused to come down from the high pedestal which was the second floor of the man's house. The other man's son waited patiently while the man whose daughter and house it was, along with his wife, tried their best to coax his daughter of her high horse.

After many moons, when it became painfully obvious that the daughter would not come down, the man and his son left. The man, whose daughter it was, was very disappointed and so was his wife. Nothing more was thought of it by the other man and his son.

Fast forward the story 11 moons. The son, who is working in the island of Temasek, in an effort to expand his social circle (and also because of the constant coaxing from a close associate), engages the help of a professional friend maker to increase the number of friends he has. Unbeknowst to him, the daughter of the other man had also enlisted the help of the same professional friend maker for the same reason.

A meeting was arranged between the 2, without anyone realising the events of 11 moons past. The daughter and son met over a meal. From the word go, the son realised that this was a women he would not get along with. There was a snobbish air about her that was replusive. Little did the daughter know that this was the same person she was suppose to meet 11 moons ago.

They chatted as you would over dinner and said their goodbyes at the end. The son deciding that that would be the last she evers hears of him. On his way him, he sends a pigeon to his mother, telling her about the dinner that just ended. It was via the pigeon messages that he realise who the girl he just had dinner with was.

He start laughing. His mother start laughing and so does his father. To save the face of the other man as he was the son's father's good friend, they decided not to inform the other family about what had just transpired in the small island of Temasek.

The moral of the story is:
If you decide not to come downstairs, make sure you don't end up meeting the same guy again 11 moons later through a professional friend maker and end up with the guy thinking you are a snobbish fool.

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