19 Feb 2006

A Joke

An elderly couple is lying in bed. It is late and the man in trying to sleep. The woman on the other is feeling a little romantic so she begins to talk.

"Remember when we were first dating? You used to hold my hand all the time."

The man, wanting to get some sleep, reaches out sleepily and holds the womans hand for a short while and then lets go and attempts to go back to sleep.

Meanwhile the old woman still hasn't given up.

"Remember that after holding my hand, you would give me a kiss?"

Getting a bit irritated, the man turns over and hastily plants a quick peck on his wife's cheek and tries to go to sleep again.

The woman continued on.

"Remember how after that, you used to gently nibble on my neck."

Upon hearing this, the man angrily throws the sheets off and proceeds to get up.

Surprised and upset, the woman ask, "Where are you going?"

To which the man replied, "To get my teeth so that I can nibble on your neck."

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