22 Mar 2006

Where's your sense of humor?

I was doing a random surf of the Internet today and a weird realisation dawn on me. The same fact was mentioned to me a couple of days ago but it never occured to me how accurate it is. The fact is this, in the small island where this bear (unfortunately) roams, no one is ever wrong.

No one makes mistakes. There is no such things a boo-boo. If you happen to notice a fault in someone else, then the fault doesn't lie with that person but with you for having noticed that fault.

This is all the more obvious on the Internet, esspecially when bloggers from this small island are concerned. Everything anyone anywhere says about them that is less than flattering (not even bad, just less than flattering), it taken as such a major insult and the rebutals and criticism to the person who dare mention that they are less than perfect, fly so far and fast, it's probably reached Alpha Centauri by now.

Guess all I can say to the dumb bloggers from the small pathetic island is this, GET A LIFE.....you are not as famous as you think you are.

PS. Not all bloggers on this small island are bad at handling criticism, it's just the more popular (subject to debate) ones that seem to have lost any trace to having had a sense of humor.

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