24 Jun 2006


The ongoing saga in my attempt to buy a car, my first car, the car I have been dreaming of since I left uni, the car a small red dot denied me, the car that motivated me to finish among the top in my class in uni, etc, etc, etc.

So, today was the day I decided I was to decide on which car maker would get my hard earned blood, sweat and tears and provide me with my very first car.

Some background first. For the pass couple of weeks, I've been trying to decided which car to get. The options have been pretty much narrowed down to either a Mazda 3, Ford Focus or Honda Civic.

Back to today. With a friend in tow, more for car colour selection (which means said friend is female), I went to test drive cars. Along the walk from my place to the car showroom, I passed by a Citroen showroom. I stopped, walked in and ask to test drive a C4.

A short review of the C4.
a) It is French and it is Citroen (meaning there is some stuff in the car which just does not make sense).
b) The steering wheel is a button and knob fest. I counted atleast 12 buttons and 4 knobs on the central hub (which by the way does not turn when you turn the wheel). None of these are clearly marked so it's more like hit a button and hope you don't kill the engine.
c) The car tries to be too smart. Go down a hill and it holds the last speed you where moving at when you foot left the pedal. Try to go to fast and it stops you.
d) Given all that tech inside, the interior sure was damn ugly.
e) 4 speed auto plus a gutless 2 liter means the car is ponderous. No fun to drive at all.
f) The funky ad with the funky dancing robot does not equate to a funky car to drive.

So, it was on to Honda after that. Along the way, we went past Volkwagen so I figure I would take a sit in the new Golf. It was ok but it doing do anything for me. Guess I'm not fan of teutonic (boring) German interior design. I'm sure it is a pretty good drive but it's not going to be my first car.

Next to VW was Honda. I went in and in under 5 minutes, I was test driving a Honda Civic VTi-L Auto in Black. I would like to get a black car but I do realise it is next to impossible to keep clean.

At 12:30 pm on the 26th of June 2006, I paid the deposit for my first car. A silver moss coloured Honda Civic VTi-L, with a 5 speed automatic, 6 CD stacker in the dash, steering wheel buttons, alloy wheels, reverse sensors, side airbags and a 1.8l engine.

The car arrives in August.


ymg said...

congratulations on ur purchase... i thought u would take longer on deciding.. the golf u tried is the dsc version??

Ah Chooooo! said...

Good for you!! Now the question is when do i get to sit in it?

Bahloo said...

YMG: I didn't try the Golf GTi.....way too expensive.

Bless You: If you come visit after August, you would get to sit in it.

greyscalefuzz said...

Yo been a long time but hey, I think the Honda Civic is a GOOOOOD choice. :)