11 Jun 2006

A New Beginning

Yes, before anyone mentions it, the title is cliche. I could not think of a better one. Anyways, this entry is just a short note on the difference moving from one city to another can make.

1. Starting the whole friend making thing all over again. After 6 years in one place, you find out that you have a whole lot of friends. Moving to a new job, in a new city, in a new country, you find that the number of friends you have can be counted with the fingers on one hand.....and there are still fingers to spare.

2. Trying to figure out which car to buy. Previously for me, it wasn't what car to buy but more like can I afford it and is it worth it. Right now, I can afford it and it is worth it but I can't decide which one to get.

3. Cooking. I'm not a great cook. My idea of cooking involves throwing stuff at random into a pan and hoping it works out. So far, the fried rice was ok but I doubt anyone apart from me would eat it.

4. Food. Give me Chinese, Malay, Indian food. There's only so much Western food I can take. I always knew this would be the one major thing I would miss so I guess I'm more prepared for it than I though.

5. Tax and health. People, if you belong to a country where the government has a good idea on how to do taxes and health, be thankful. I now belong to a country where tax is a real pain because it was designed by accountants who got bullied in school and decided to take it out on everyone now. Healthcare is neither privatised nor is it government run. It's this 'rojak' mixture. I've seen 'rojak' healthcare that works well. This isn't one of them.

After all that, if someone asked me if I would rather have not moved to a new country to start a new life, I would say no. The sacrifices I made to come here, I know will be worth the pain in the long run.

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