29 Apr 2006


A little bit of insight from the events of the past day.

2 things happened yesterday that bring into perspective exactly how short life is and how easily everything can be taken away. 2 events happened yesterday to remind me of this. One is sad, the other happy.

I'm a warden at the church I go to, having decided last year that I haven't been keeping up with my part of the bargain in my relationship with God. I joined a warden ministry where apart from my brother, me and another girl, the average age was above 50. Yesterday, I received news than the Assistant Group Leader of my warden group has passed away. He collapsed at the bus stop while on his way home. Even though some kind people took him to hopsital, he didn't make it. May God bless his soul.

I met up with a group of friends for dinner yesterday, it was kinda a farewell for me and new job treat from me to them. The bill came up to a lot of money. Now, the normal me would think that this was not worth it but not yesterday. Money can always be earned again but not friends. Good friendships are rare. Definitely worth the price of a dinner and drinks and more.

I never know when I will meet my friends again. Things may happen to us that we cannot predict. I treasure the friends I have made on this little island. Life is too short to be spent worrying about unncessary things. You never know when you might not see someone again.


Ah Chooooo! said...

As long as you update your bear journal, then the rest of us primates here in the concrete jungle will know about it. Although Kola bear are call bear, they are not really bear. So make sure you fine the right she-bear.

greyscalefuzz said...

Yo bro, you still updating this blog? :) C'mon, show us some pics from down under.

Poi said...

Certainy am happy for you, finally leaving for the bigger "island". No worries about missing us, we will take turns to visit you :)