28 Apr 2006

The Hunt for the Elusive Laptop

*This entry was originally going to be typed on my new laptop but I ran out of time and am now a little bored at work so it being typed out on the work laptop instead.*

I wanted to buy a laptop. I know, I know. Why would a furry pawed animal want a laptop? Well, I guess sometimes we furry animals need to surf the web, check our email and stuff too.

So I ventured out of the jungle long enough to go survey what laptops I could get. As with most wild animals and some domesticated ones, I was automatically attracted to the bright shiny surfaces of the fruity laptop. In fact, I was so enamoured by the shiny surfaces, I almost didn't notice that it costs almost double a normal non-fruit flavoured laptop. Man, when I found out, I ran back into the jungle and needed to hide in there for a while to overcome the shock.

So after some time of recuperation, I ventured out again, this time much wiser and price concious. Money doesn't grow on trees, even in the deepest, darkest forest. So after much deliberation (this would probably be considered an underestimation by some), I finally decided on an Acer Aspire (what it asspires to, I have no idea) 5762 WLMI. It didn't cost too much, approximately 121.5 honeypots, which is roughly S$2430. The monkeys have it so much better because 1 peanut equals 30,000 honeypots. They could have bought the laptop with less than 1 peanut.

Anyway, the laptop looks like this:

It has got 1.0GB of RAM, 100GB Harddisk and a ATI Radeon X1400 with 128MB VRAM and extra 384MB shared. Now I should have a better laptop than the king of the jungle. Let me go show Mowgli a thing or two.

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