14 Apr 2006

Bahloo or Bagheera? Part 2

The deed is done. The events of the day unfolded in the following manner.

9:00 am - Received a phonecall from my agent informing me that I will be receiving my contract today.

10:00 am - Hit refresh in Gmail for the first of almost 20 times, waiting for the email to arrive.

12:05 pm - Goes to the toilet.

12:07 pm - Noticed a new email in my inbox. I open my mail with trepidation and there it is staring at me, my contract.

12:08 pm - Begin downloading contract to view. Downloading fails.

12:09 pm - I try downloading again. It still fails. Curse under my breath. Frustration level increasing.

12:11 pm - It finally downloads successfully. I open it. I quickly read through it. I stop at the "how much will I get paid" section.

12:12 pm - Wonder where the calculator went. Have a quick look around. Can't find it.

12:13 pm - Finally locate a calculator. I work out my monthly salary. My heart does a few cart wheels inside my rib cage. My brain is busy trying to decipher what car to buy.

12:15 pm - Call Papa Bear to tell him the news. Briefly read out the contract to him. He has no objections. It is good.

12:17 pm - I send my acceptance and call my new employer up to confirm. A bit "kiasu" , I realized but hey, I've been on this island for 6 years. I'm entitled to be a little bit "kiasu".

12:30 pm - Happiest lunch I've had a in a long while.

6:30 pm - Meet up with boss back in office. Trying to find a good time to break the news to him.

7:00 pm - Still haven't found a good time.

7:11 pm - Yet to find a good time. Having a hard time holding it in. Colleague starts giving me funny faces.

7:45 pm - I find the right time and inform my boss. He is ok with it and seems quite nice about it. I appreciate that.

8:20 pm - I sent out the email with my official resignation. The deed is done.

Next stop, the land down under.


Ah Chooooo! said...

Make sure they bear does not try to eat the walabee. (Hope i get the spelling right.) Try not to be cuter than the kola bears cos they are not actually bear.

greyscalefuzz said...

Hey yo, congratulations on the new offer! You're on your way to greener pastures.