9 Apr 2006

The Pessimist

Why is it a pessimist's brain will never allow the pessimist to be happy and glad for longer than 24 hours? 24 hours ago I would say I was among the happiest fur covered mammals on this little island. Now 24 hours later, my brain is full of doubt and worries. All the watifs have started popping out.

This made me think, is it just me or are there others out there like me? I know for a fact that almost all human beings will examine anything they either dug, scratch or shat out of their bodies before disposing it. Does a pessimist take a dump, a normal healthy dump and 24 hours later, wonder if there was something in that dump that wasn't so good? Maybe he thinks he told too many people about the dump and now he's afraid people he doesn't want to know about his dump will know. What happens if this dump was imaginary and didn't happen?

A pessimist biggest enemy is not himself. Most pessimist have an ability to think of the bad stuff and then accept it. It becomes much harder when this outlook of pessimism is imparted by another pessimistic party. In short, the pessimist's pessimist. That makes a pessimist's biggest enemy another pessimist.

Anyway, here hoping the pessimist are all wrong.

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