8 Apr 2006

Bearry Emotional Landscape

The chart above represents the emotions of a certain bear over the past week. It is over a scale of 0 to 100, where 50 represents neutral emotion, anything under 50 is either anger/disappointment/frustration (normally displayed to the outside world as anger) and anything above 50 is happiness.

As can be seen from the chart above, the bear has been through a very emotionally varying week. So much so, that given the above chart, one might be mistaken for thinking that the bear is actually female. (He most definitely is not.)

One clear trend though is that the emotions seem to improve as the end of the week approached. Guess that means if you want to find bears in a good mood, look for them on weekend.


transient said...

Your chart still looks much better than mine. Time to bury the black cat... we are uprooting, rem?

If I were to draw mine, I think SGX stock index chart will look like a straight line in comparison. Sigh...
PMS all the way. I want to be forrest gump, life's like a box of chocolates~

Ah Chooooo! said...

Mine look pretty similar