26 May 2007

A Bear's Guide to the Movies

Over the past 2 months, I have watched 3 movies. 2 hits and a really big miss. What's funny about the hits and the miss is that I would not have normally watched the hits and I was actually looking forward to the miss.

First the hits. The first hit is a movie that I only found out after watching that it had won the Oscar for best foreign film. Yup, it's not even in English. It is called "The Lives of Other". A German movie with a really great story and acting.

The second hit is a British film, "The History Boys". Again, another excellent movie. Good story, great acting. It balances both the sad and melancholic story with the sharp witty, somewhat understated humour that the British are excellent at. Both these movies had minimal stunts and no special effect, CGI effects and the like.

Now the miss and this miss was really disappointing given how good its predecessors were. I'm writing about "Spiderman 3". If there was a crappier movie released this year, I haven't seen it yet. I have a feeling that "Transformers" might challenge Spiderman 3 for crapness but until I see it I can't say. What a pointless movie Spiderman 3 was. The story was horrible, esspecially for a Spiderman movie which always had better stories compared to other comic book turned movie stories. At the end of Spiderman 3, you didn't feel for Peter Parker. In fact, you think he was the world's biggest jerk and should just have been killed.

In conclusion, if you are going to watch just one movie this year, let it not be Spiderman 3.

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Inspector Monkfish said...

Haaang on a minute, "If you watch one movie this year, let it not be Spiderman 3."

Heh, the post before you said "Don't waste it on some American blockbuster crap" - so at least you're consistent ;)