16 Jun 2007

A Bear Lost in the Arts

Next month, I will be watching either my 7th or 8th musical. I've lost count. It is going to be Miss Saigon and I'm looking forward to it. Ask me whether I like the arts and 11 years ago, I would have said no. Ask me that again now and I would say yes.

My journey to the arts started off in the Art Gallery of South Australia. It was there that I first saw the sculptures of Rodin. Little did I know the story behind them at that point but I found it fascinating. I would later go to a Rodin exhibition in the Art Gallery of Singapore, where after spending half a day there, I learned more about Rodin and the fact that "The Thinker" (which I always thought was a sculpture of its own) was part of a much larger piece. A piece that was never completed.

My introduction to the world of musicals occurred much later, not in the last century but this one. It started with a cheap ticket (front row) to watch a local production of "Rent". Little did I realise how much I would like this musical that over the course of the past 6 years, I have seen it 3 times, in 2 different countries. Watching it in New York was certainly a highlight.

Other musicals I have watched since then include "The Producers", "The Lion King", "Cats" and "Stomp". Calling "Stomp" a musical is probably a little incorrect but I'm not sure what else to call it.

Recently, I tried something different yet again. I have now watched my first opera, Puccini's "Madama Butterfly". Admittedly, it was a little tough to get into at first, what with it being sung in Italian and all but by the end of the opera (once I managed to convince myself to stay at intermission or half-time as I call it), I actually kinda enjoyed it.

So that's a short history of me and the arts. After Miss Saigon next month, I wonder what will be next. I figure I'll try a play next or maybe even the ballet.

BTW, the Crows beat the Roos by a massive margin tonight. Go the Crows!!!

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speedygeoff said...

AAARRGH! I am about to watch the replay shown at 10:30pm AET here in Canberra and I wasn't going to find out the result first! Serves me right for browsing random blogs. Nevertheless: GO THE CROWS!