16 Jul 2007

Best Man

I've never been a best man before in my entire life and suddenly, within the course of a single year, I am the best man for 2 separate weddings, one for the brother of the friend........apparently I'm one of the few single people left they know and the second, for a good friend from Uni.

I have to give a speech for both and neither can be insulting or I will be killed by the respective wifes to be. I'm not even allowed to get one of the grooms off his face (warning from wife-to-be).

Anyway, here's hoping I figure out how to be a good best man. Either that, or I'll just growl my way through it.

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Ah Chooooo! said...

I suddenly had an urge to make a speech out of this. But I know I will not be appreciated.

First of all organize the best bachelor party ever.

2nd, remember to bring the ring.
If it a Chinese sort of wedding, just help him out the "SITUATIONS" that he will doubtless fall into.

3rd, Mix around with the bridesmaid. They are call bridesmaid as they, like you are still single.