7 Jun 2005

The Art of Blogging

It seems that everyone one out there and his dog, cat or fish has a blog nowadays. Heck, even I have one and the biologist still don't know what to classify me as.....for now, I'm just that weird looking bear that types and need a new keyboard every couple of days.

Blogs, in case most of you haven't noticed, come in 2 flavours...............vanilla and chocolate.........actually, they are ones that seem to be a really boring news report on what happened to so and so at a certain time and what so and so thinks or feels about it and the other is something like this, where some large furry mammal tries to be funny (failing pitifully most of the time) on the web.

Why do I say that there is an art to blogging? Plain and simple, some blogs are just so damn boring. Others read like the Confessions of a Teenage Bimbo (problem is, the blogger is already over 20). Just a distraction, if someone who writes a blog is called a blogger, does that make the person reading it a blogee?

Now a good blog would hold the readers (blogee)'s attention and not let go. They would not try to make their point 4 paragraphs into the blog (oops!). Also a good blog would have lots of pictures (double oops!!), the skankier, the better but if I never see GOATSE again, it would be too soon. Also a good blog written by a good blogger would not be complete random. Man, have you seen the price of petrol nowadays.

So in summary, not that there's plenty to summarise, a good blog is not this one.

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Ah Chooooo! said...

I know what species you are!!