9 Jul 2005

National Day Parade Rehearsal 2005

This would have to be the unlikeliest place (to me anyway) that I would have ever expected to be writing an entry to this ridiculous blog of mine.

Where and why?

On the 33rd Floor of an office building, my place of work, with a bird's eye view of the Padang, where about 50,000 people are sitting and watching a rehearsal of the upcoming National Day Parade, being encouraged by cheerleaders ( I kid you not) while here I am, as disinterested as any human being could possible be about the National Day Parade and I have one of the best views in the house. Also, it's a Saturday at 5:35 pm and I'm at work!!!!

So what can I see of the National Day Parade from where I sit? I see a circular stage in the middle of a rectangular field, with seats on 4 sides and a road along on side of it. The bands are along the 4 quarters of the circular section and as far as I can tell, there's a whole lot of people of the field just running everywhere. They look like ants when you start trying to kill them, running everywhere.

What else can I see or hear? Well, everynow and then, whenever the annoucer, who by the way speaks like an "American", the whole crowd cheers. I doubt they understand him coz I think even his poor mother would have trouble understanding him.

The Surpreme Court building if finished. The flying saucer is firmly entrenched on the roof. Wish they had bother to take it away but I guess, it fits, coz everyone already thinks the judges are from another planet and now have a building to prove it.

The little ants have run of the field but for the last 10 minutes nothing has happened. The announcer is still announcing but no one has come on. No planes have flew past. Nothing!!! And the crowd cheers at nothing again.

Oh wait, they have started to sign a song.....a really bad song.....an excruciatingly bad song.....I think I will shut my ears off right now.

Oh well, I'm bored and I'm sure whoever is reading this is also bored so I'll stop here.

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