25 Jul 2005

Miscellaneous Ramblings Again

Just a couple of random thoughts in my brain:

I've become the person my brother uses for quotes in his line of work, whether I actually said them or not. Does this constitute identity theft?

Sometimes, when you are having a bad day, at the end of day, could be around 11:50 pm, something good happens and you think, "Hmmm, maybe today wasn't so bad after all." Talk about last minute redemption

Why is it the more you want something, the harder it is to get? I worry than when I finally do get it, I would realised that I didn't really want it in the first place. Talk about wasted effort.

Natives of the forest chop down trees. Timber barons chop down trees. Assuming timber barons didn't exist, trees would still be chopped down by the natives. All populations grow. At some point, there would be so many natives chopping down trees, there would be no trees left either. I guess we just accelarated that process.

A fat man who bends over and shows the world his butt crack is considered disgusting. A fat woman? It is still disgusting. Just coz it's a woman doesn't make it any better. There is a reason the average butt crack remains hidden from sight.

Modern man is too dependant on machines. The vaccumn died and suddenly cleaning the house just became 100 times tougher.

Which came first? The man who invented the high heel to torture women or the woman who invented the tie to torture men.

It is 33 to 35 Celcius on a regular day in this country. For some unknown reason, the men have to wear shirt and ties and the women business suits. So they get very hot and the air-conditioning has to be turned up or everyone dies of heat stroke. Why not just let everyone where polo tees or other casual (less heat generating stuff)? We would save on the time spent complaining about the heat and the electricity bill for the air-conditioning.

Lastly, does it really matter where the cow produces the milk comes from or where the milk is processed? I figure the processing does more to the taste than the cow ever could. So what's the deal with the Australian milk packaged in Indonesia and sold in Singapore???


Anonymous said...

This is a busy blog that everyone reads.

Bohmox rulez!

Ah Chooooo! said...

Hey you should not comment about yourself!!!

duckshoe said...

what shameless self promotion... but hey, that's what blogs are.

Zelman Moses said...

I was a littl disappointed by the apparent lack of imagination in the title. "misc ramblings". That's all you got? how bout this for a title: lost in bum f**k, egypt

words ot the dragon said...

an ostrich ran run up to 60km/h and kick the crap out of most things.

horseman of the the ahumpalyspe said...

at least you could try and make the comment slightly less obvious