22 Aug 2005

The idiosyncrasies of Work

Just a few things I've been pondering about.....mostly concerning work but a couple of other weird stuff too.

We live a world where speaking is becoming passe. No one seems to talk anymore. The preferred means of conversation nowadays are instant messaging, SMS and blogging.
  • If you wanted to ask someone if they were free for dinner, you don't call them. You sent them a text message.
  • Want to ask your colleague who sits directly opposite you a question? You don't get up and walk over and ask him or her. Nope! That's too much effort. Send an instant message.
  • Want to complain to the whole world about something, blog about it. (Yes, I do realise the irony of that statement.)
I foresee a world in the future where man has forgotten how to talk. We just text everyone.

Notice how as people get older, they get more paranoid? I wonder if this also applies to governments. The older the government get, the more paranoid they become. Everything is suddenly a threat to them. An elected president is a danger so what do they do? Make sure the elected president is not elected. What do you have? The non-elected elected president. Hooray!!! Democracy lives on.

People don't care about politics anymore. The only people who care are the politicians and Michael Moore. For the rest of us out there, it doesn't matter who's up there. It's just going to be the same sh*t in a different flavour. More people were upset that there wasn't a public holiday than the fact that they didn't get to vote for a new president again.

Manners seem to be going down the drain. It's flu season or at least the time of the year when everyone seems to be getting sick. There's a lot of coughing and sneezing but not enough of mouth closing when sneezing. They must be thinking, "Gee, I already work in a hospital. I guess a few million more germs in the air wouldn't hurt. Helps nearby." Maybe it's worse, "It is my right to sneeze with my mouth open and darn it, I will do it even if it kills the guy sitting next to me."

Guess it didn't end up being all about work. If you have an issue with that, text me. I don't think my tongue works anymore.

1 comment:

jamzzet said...

You know complaining is good. It help reduce the pressure pent up somewhere in the gray matter where we call the brain.

IM is good. At least when you want a quiet message convey. You dun stand up and shout your message. Every one is discussing something here and there. The noise add up you know?

You know that whether you vote or not it is still the same result. So that is why we are concern abt the leave it can give.

And Virus. They get to you whether you like it or not. Computer... flu.....