24 Jan 2006

Bahloo or Bagheera?

Do any of you ever sit down and look at other people and think the following:

"Damn, I wish I had all my friends from school and uni in the same town. This way, I wouldn't be so bored all the time."

I do.....all the time actually. My life has been like a computer where every few days you need to reboot the computer to prevent it from crashing. Instead of every few days, it's every few year for me.

In some cases, it's just pressing that reset button on the front of the casing. Sometimes, it involves unplugging the power point, taking the battery out and starting all over again.

I've done the major rebooting 3 times in my life so far. The biggest reboot is yet to come but I can already see its shadow in the distance. This is the kind of reboot, where you not only restart your computer, you actually take some stuff out and put some new things inside.

You switch it back on and hope that everything still works. The green light comes on and everything is ok. Sometimes, the green light doesn't come. Instead you get the red light or no light at all.

So far, I've only gotten the green light.

So what does this have to do with the first sentence? Simple, whenever you do a reboot, you lose a lot of your friends and you'll have to start all over again with new friends and hope that within the new bunch of people you meet, there are those few that you can get along well with.

I've been lucky in that each time this has happened, I've met people I've been able to get along with quite well. On the other hand, I've lost friends and lots of them. When you no longer see each other everyday, sometimes, you just start to go down different tangents, knowing that with each passing day, you go further away from each other.

With the big reboot looming in the future, I wonder what the future holds. Will I still be Bahloo or would Bagheera be a better name then?


Ah Chooooo! said...

Using back the same analogy, most computer comes with a network card, and when you are plug in you can get almost anywhere. Send a packet of data down the UTP cable is like instaneous. So unless your computer is like totally trashed. I think the network will boot up just fine. I have a network card too.

transient said...

The idea about friends is that true friends are never lost. I have friends that go all the way back to primary school and pre-kindergarten. There was a period in between that we have not been keeping in touch but all it takes is just one phonecall, one email or one meetup to revive that friendship.

Any relationship, marriage, friendship etc requires maintenance. Some require regular maintenance while others just occasional maintenance. Someone has to make the effort. Then you will never lose your friends. No maintenance, surely, no friends will be left.

Which is why, no matter what happens, I try to make myself available for every gathering that someone out there tries to organise. N thankfully, most of my friends think the same.

If long distance, at least try to maintain some email contact.. I do not wish to lose my friends. As one grows older, he or she is less likely to make another sincere friend.

Though we may go separate ways later, as long as one of us is willing to maintain the friendship, I can assure you we will forever be friends, wherever you or I may be, whenever the next meeting will be.

Stay positive and start digging out your contact list. The pursuit for true friends will never die. The hi-bye friends, lose them as they come. It's alright dude.

greyscalefuzz said...

Oh can that digression - you're the same wherever you go. You're not losing this friend.