23 Jan 2006

The Elephant and the Little Boy

Here's a joke I have not forgotten since childhood. It's not the greatest of jokes but I like it so I thought I would share it with everyone. So here goes:

One day, in a vilage in India, a man arrives with an elephant. He lays down a challenge for everyone in the village.

"Whoever can make my elephant trumpet, I will give him 100 dollars."

As expected, everyone tries but no matter what they do, the elephant doesn't make a single sound, not even a whimper. They hit it, they pulled its tail, yanked its ears, they threw water on it. Nothing made the elephant trumpet.

At the end of the day as the man was about to leave, a little boy comes up to him.

"I can make your elephant trumpet"

The man says ok and ask the boy to go ahead, confident that the boy would fail. The boy goes under the elephant and proceeds to squeeze the elephant's ball. Sure enough, the elephant trumpets. Reluctantly, the man gives the boy and the money and leaves.

2 weeks go past and the man returns to the village once again with the same elephant. He presents a new challenge.

"Whoever can make my elephant shake his head, I will give him 400 dollars."

Again, everyone tries everything imaginable but the elephant doesn't shake its head. Confident that his 400 dollars is safe, the man is about to leave when the little boy shows up again.

"I can make you elephant shake its head."

Again the man says ok and lets the boy try, still confident that his money is safe. The boy once again goes under the elephant and stands next to the elephant's balls.

"Do you want me to squeeze your balls again?", the boy ask the elephant.

The elephant shakes its head.

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