10 May 2005

At last!!!!! %$^#&%$%#*

This was suppose to be a witty first post but after spending a freaking 2 hours trying to find a blog address on blogspot that wasn't used, I lost my mood.

So here it is, the first post ever on the the Bohmox blog.

Why Bohmox? What kind of intoxicated, weed smoking individual comes up the name Bohmox? The same one that spent so long tryin to find a name for his blog because there are a 100 million people out there who already have a blog and have used every decent name in the English and every other language out there.

So where does Bohmox come from? Well, when you first try to create a blog, Blogspot ask you to enter some characters into a text box from an image they display. Well, after the 100 attempt to find a working name, mine said Bohmox. It was going to be Ahhjbb but apparently that in use by some other frustrated soul out there.

So what's Bohmox all about??? Beats me. I figure, I'm just going to post random thoughts (random being in the running for the "Understatement of the Year award") every now and then. Probably more then than now.

Have fun reading.....and if you do decide to set up your own blog, find the guy/gal/dog/cat out there who has the blog address you want and kill/threaten/main/send to Michael Jackson if under 13 years of age to release the address to you and save yourself 2 hours of your life and 10 years of your sanity.

1 comment:

Ah Chooooo! said...

I don't really think it is hard to find a name for your blog. A desciptive name and meaningful perhaps. Given that it is alphanumeric and you have almost as long as you want length.