10 May 2005


When the last time you tried to write a CV. I'm doing right now, for the first time since I graduated (which is ages ago) and I've forgotten how much mumbo jumbo one is suppose to write in these things. I don't like blogging and I do a better job at writing this blog (some may disagree) than I do at writing a CV.

After 5 attempts, all I've managed is my name, address and well, not much else. My life seems to revolve around trying to do things multiple times before I get it right. Take the name of this blog for example.

Anyway, I figure the key points in writing ones CV is:
a) Lie
b) Lie somemore
c) Lie a whole more
d) Don't get caught lying

Oh well, back to the CV writing. Hoepfully I'll have more insights into this process after I'm done.

PS Why does modern man always makes life harder that it already is? Have you ever seen a hyroglyph of an ancient Egyptian submitting a CV? I haven't. You were either a slave or you weren't. Ah, the simple life.....

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