12 May 2005

Random Ranting and Raving

Just a couple of nonsensical stuff that has crossed my mind recently.

1. Drivers

How is it that a country where in order to get a driver's license, you take over a year (if you are really good and don't fail anything) to finish all the required classes and practicals to pass and get your driver's license can't produce any decent drivers?

For example, in the slip roads to the highways, there always traffic backed up for miles but traffic is flowing smoothly on the highway. Doesn't anyone know how to merge into traffic? Also, when in the fastest lane of a four lane highway, don't just decide to go straight from the fastest lane to the slowest lane immediately. Cutting across 4 lanes in one go is not cool.

2. Drivers again

In a country where it takes an average of 3 weeks to get a driver's license and most of people on the road drive at least 50km/h above the speed limit, which the kind of skill that would make Schumacher proud, the only F1 driver they managed to produce was a weedy idiot who didn't even manage to finish a single race. Makes you wonder how they found this jackass.

"Hmmmm, lets see who drives within the speed limit and is the safest driver on the road. He would be perfect for F1."


3. 3G

What's the deal with 3G? Ooooo!!! Video Calls!!! I must really do that on a mobile. Most people can't walk and send text messages at the same time. Now, these same people are expected to concentrate on a tiny 1.8 inch screen while walking???? I get the feeling that hospital A&E departments are about to get more crowded if this ever catches on.

Patient: Doctor, I broke my hip.
Doctor: How did this happen?
Patient: Well, I was on this video call and didn't see where I was walking.
Doctor: Serves you right. Next!

4. 3G again

I wonder if some of those telcos who paid vast sums for their 3G licenses feel like idiots about it now. Saying that 3G is taking off is similar to saying that whales are about to take to the air. Not happening.

As far as I can't tell, you can't do much with 3G. I can't even watch soccer. The screen is so small and the resolution so poor, I can't make out who's playing, much less where the ball is.

I know, make the referees use 3G phones to referee soccer games. The video of the phone is the only view of the game they are allowed. Would soccer a great deal more interesting and give Mourinho even more chance to talk rubbish.

5. This blog

This blog is turning into a cesspool of nonsense. Don't blame me. It's 12:31 am and I want to go to bed.

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