17 May 2005

Is anybody out there?

So, three blog entries later, it hits me. Is anyone out there reading this thing or am I writing for the webcrawlers and bots entertainment? I'm pretty sure they need some entertainment.

Over a billion pages out there on the internet and if you take out the porn pages, you are left with maybe 10 pages. Last time I checked, webcrawlers don't have a gender. It's not like they are both male or female, or sometimes male, sometimes female. They just don't have a gender, meaning they don't have sex, meaning they don't get turned on (or off) by porn., meaning they have a damn boring time surfing the web......that is until they reach this page, then they know there is no meaning to the web at all and they just go back to a small corner of the internet to curl up and wilt away.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Is anyone reading this thing? I would appreciate a commment or 2. More is always better, which lead me to think....which is always a bad idea. Seeing how difficult it was for me to get a decent name for this blog, does anyone read all the stuff out there? Are they enough eyes out there to read all these thoughts (Some pretty good. Not naming any names here.) that are constantly being put onto the internet? I'm not sure.

So, to renew my faith in blogging, will someone please write a comment.......don't make me write my own.

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