14 Sep 2006

Action and Reactions

There are articles and stories floating out in the internet that I wouldn't have given 2 hoots about until they get the author and publisher sued. Suddenly, there this mad desire to read the original article, just to see what the big deal is. This is normally followed by either 2 reactions:

1) Utter amazement that I didn't realize this before and am glad for the libel suit to bring up this fact. An example of this would be the NKF libel suit against SPH.

2) Disbelief that anyone would even bother suing because of this.....and followed by a sinking suspicion of why are they suing in the first place. Maybe this guy is on to something.

An example of reaction 2) happened today when I read the following 2 articles.

First, the article in the Straits Times that piqued my interest:
PM, MM sue Feer for defamation

Secondly, the article that resulted in the lawsuit in the first place:
Singapore’s ‘Martyr,’ Chee Soon Juan

After reading the FEER article, I failed to see what the big deal was. To most people, me included, CSJ is just some "idiot" that doesn't know better and still believes that violence or as he puts it 'civil disobedience' can create change. Most of the time, he comes of sounding like a 10 year old who hasn't thought through what he wants to say.

So he gives this interview to the FEER. So what? If they didn't sue the FEER in the first place, I would have never read it and couldn't care less. Now, I can't help but wonder.

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