5 Sep 2006

Crocodile Hunter Rest in Peace

The news today is that the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, died today after being stab by a stingray in Far North Queensland. He is only the 3rd reported case of a fatality due to a stingray recorded in Australia. You can cheat on a lot of things but you cannot cheat fate.

The news on all channels today dedicated at least 10 minutes to him, a good 1/3 of the 1/2 hour news. On top of that, the current affairs programmes all did a segment on him. The Premier of Queensland made a statement. Even the Prime Minister had something to say. Flowers were being laid at the entrance to Australia Zoo and this continued way into the night. If anything, he appeared to be a man that has touched almost every strata of society, from the powerful to the normal person on the street.

Watching the news and seeing the reaction of the people here, it made me wonder if there was any celebrity back home, be it in the little red dot or the larger country above it, that if they were to suddenly pass away, there would be such an outpouring of emotion?

If Dick Lee passed away, would anyone care? If Siti Nurhaliza's life was tragically cut short, would most people bother? Would the Prime Minister make a statement? The Crocodile Hunter was larger than life. Does anyone back home even come close?

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greyscalefuzz said...

If Zoe Tay were to die, perhaps I might pause for a minute or two to remember her in that silly gambling show I liked watching as a kid.