11 Sep 2006

A Car Named Dusty

My car is now 2 months and 14 days old. It has done slightly over 2000 kilometers and the gone for its first service. So far, so good. The engine has started running better once it went over the 2000 km mark on the odometer. Fuel economy is quite good, averaging 500km or so on a tank of regular petrol. No need for the premium stuff.

The car handles quite well, even over rough coarse chip roads. For a Honda, which a notorious for not having much steering feel, the Civic has better than expected steering feel. In fact, I think the wheel is actually a little under assisted, which I prefer.

Nothing has broken or fallen off. Everything works fine. I still haven't found a way to hook my iPod up to the stereo but that's more from my reluctance to spend $300 on an Dension Icelink.

I have no idea how much space is in the rear as I have never sat there. It's pretty much a nicely upholstered parcel shelf in the car. I've noticed that the 'A' pillars are really thick and it took some getting use to but once you've gotten used to it, the brain kinda fills in the blanks.

Until the next major car milestone.

BTW, the car is named Dusty for 2 reasons. Firstly, it is in memory of a pet dachshund of mine, also named Dusty, that has now gone to Doggy Heaven. Secondly, my brother said the name was appropriate because the car was really dusty. I haven't cleaned it for a while.


transient said...

i want to sit in your car..help you test out the seats at the back! haha...

Ah Chooooo! said...

What is the a beam?

I get to check out his car first.

transient said...

don't fight with me...first come first serve!

Bahloo said...

Now, now, children, don't fight. There's plenty of car to go around.

BTW, the A-Beam is the pillar where the windscreen is. The B-Pillar is between the doors and the C is where the rear windscreen is.