3 Sep 2006


Last night I witnessed one of the most spectacular fireworks displays I've ever seen in my life. Imagine an almost 2 kilometer long stretch of river and 3 bridges, and multiple buildings in the CBD, all lit up from a half-hour long fireworks display.

For me the highlight of the fireworks display was the fact that the RAAF actually had 2 F-111 do a dump and burn barely 300 meters of the ground. That was truly spectacular.

They also had the acrobatic team and these were doing loops around the city and flying really low and all......and the best part of it all, this display wasn't for National Day, it wasn't to celebrate some special event. It was just for the opening ceremony of the River Festival, a 10 day event celebrating the river that is in the middle of the city I live in.

I think, to me, that the ability to do things of this magnitude for something as simple a River Festival makes this country way better than the last one I was in. Not having to justify every single thing, to me, leads to a more creative and vibrant society.

PS. Just my 2 cents worth.....now worth more given the current exchange rate.


Ah Chooooo! said...

this kinda of remarks will kinda of justify why you are not invited.

Ah Chooooo! said...

Must admit the shot is nice

transient said...

oooo....how I wish I was there too!


greyscalefuzz said...

Oi cut it out with the red dot slamming ok? I love my country hor...

except for the gahmen, the army, national service, inflexible civil servants, lousy pay, elitism, etc etc